We’re working hard to make your chartering business shine.

The yachting industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, but the technology behind it has not progressed in step.

Manual and outdated processes undermine the customer experience. Unhappy customers ultimately result in bad business outcomes.

Ankor Software gives you an unfair advantage. We will free you from administrative burden and delight your customers with interactive proposals, leaving you with more time to offer your personal touch.

We are focussed on solving the biggest problems in yacht chartering. Our vision is to enable every charter broker to create unparalleled guest experiences. We’re a passionate, motivated team of geeks 🙂 building technology to take customer experiences to new levels.

Make and send beautiful proposals with ease. Include multiple yacht options sample itineraries all in one proposal. Add and edit pricing, fees, APA and taxes. Personalise every interaction with custom messaging and emails with your company brand.
Guests & Preferences
Bring everything together in a single view that connects with the rest of the charter. Add bespoke activities such as eat & play, transfers & flights, etc. Allows guests to comment and vote on itineraries and plans.
Remove the complexity of lining up berths, food & beverage, timing and taxes with Ankor. Inspire guests with easy-to-use custom itineraries that give a clear overview of what your guests can expect on their voyage, including key details such as eat & play, see & do, and lastly transport.
Meet our team
Collectively, we bring a wealth of experience developing software products and taking them to market. We love what we do, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve made.
What can Ankor do for your yacht charter business?
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