Yacht chartering goes modern

We aim to digitalise every arm of the yacht charter industry, giving brokers the best tools to deliver unrivalled customer experiences.

Ankor’s Booking Manager is a game changer for retail agents & their charterers. All boats and itineraries are located in the bookings tab for ease of access and use.
Ankor’s preloaded itineraries inspire potential guests. Drive leads and lift conversion as well as delight your guests. Or, you can create bespoke itineraries as well. The choice is yours.
Charter Manager
When you combine the speed and ease-of-use of the Bookings Manager, with the visual effects of the Itinerary Manager, Charter Management truly comes to life.
What can Retail Agents expect from Ankor?

We’ve combined industry expertise with technical know-how and created a software that is designed specifically for yacht chartering.

Ankor’s Booking Manager makes the end to end experience straightforward for both the agent and charterer.


Ankor has preloaded itineraries to build a proposal which can excite and inspire potential customers. It’s also easy to create new itineraries in a few simple steps.


All communications are simplified and easily tracked within the bookings manager. Initial queries trigger an action for the retail agent and yachts and/or suggested itineraries are sent to the primary Charterer.


Simplicity means booking becomes fun. Add eat & play options, style of voyage and other custom attributes easily. Guests can interact with each other and gauge group consensus.


Primary Charter rating system provides insight to the agent and helps refine the offering for future guests. Get notified whether or not you need to follow up with the charterer to drive repeat business.
When you’re working with the tight tools, itineraries become a breeze. Let’s talk about what Ankor Software’s Itinerary Manager does for you and your guests.

Itinerary Manager

Allows you to create custom itineraries that your guests can select from when booking; set up default trips or create them from scratch.


It’s all laid out in a logical format for you to create - once you’re happy, you can then preview and publish the itinerary into beautiful templates for your guest, including a map layout.


Shared the itinerary with the group. Guests have the ability to see the full itinerary, including timing, stops, excursions and food & beverage. They can also interact with it by voting on which parts they most like.


A clear and concise overview of what your guests can expect on their voyage. Simple to upload your core elements such as the landing photo, trip style, and overview
Charter Manager
Ankor has created a single tool to really put the ‘manage’ in Charter Management. It’s a system that opens up communication channels and removes common stumbling blocks from processes.


Contract addendums are easily managed in a single view that speaks with the rest of the charter. All data in the booking module flows through to the Charter Manager module keeping you in the know all the time.


Seamlessly involve the guests in the charter experience, through commenting and voting. Principal Charterers can then view the voting and wishes from the guests that have been added.


Retail Agents connect directly with Charterers to add bespoke activities such as eat & play, transfers etc. The full itinerary is also completed before sending out to the primary charterer and onto guests.


The beauty of the Charter Manager is that the guests can also take notes during the trip of any disputes which are stored for the retail agent to view during and after the charter.
Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! If your questions don’t appear below, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly assist in any way we can.

What is Charter Management software?

Charter Management streamlines all the tasks of managing charter bookings, bringing the everyday tools you need into one platform.

Do I need to download / install Ankor Software on my computer?

No, Ankor Software is fully cloud based, meaning you never need to install or update any software on your PC. Sign-in securely from anywhere and on any device. All you need is an internet connection.

How secure is my businesses information?

Ankor Software takes security and privacy extremely seriously, see our teams and privacy notice for more details. Our software is developed and hosted on Microsoft Azure meaning we benefit from the highest security standards on offer.

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