Luxury yachts are changing the way we holiday
calendorFebruary 14, 2022
Luxury yachts are changing the way we holiday

COVID-19 has forced the whole world to look at new, smarter ways of working. It’s also seen the yacht charter market rethink its strategies moving forward, adjusting to changing real world situations and customer attitudes.

Yachting remains a brilliant holiday option and, being one of the safest ways to holiday, has seen a bit of a boom in travellers looking for enclosed environments where health and safety stand alongside fun in the list of importance.

Yacht chartering sees a drastic reduction in contact with others, and the chance to isolate in a self-contained space while enjoying a holiday in exotic locations. An excellent source of relaxation in the fresh air, holidaying on a yacht is about as self-sufficient as it is possible to be as you explore this beautiful world from the water.

Clean & Safe

Never before have cleaning procedures been so important on yachts.

Many charter companies have completely revamped their policies, placing a real emphasis on thoroughly fogging/fumigating and disinfecting each yacht at the end of each charter, so they are absolutely pristine for the next guests.

Many companies have added thorough testing kits on board all of their yachts, and ask all skippers to keep a daily temperature log.

Hand sanitiser is already becoming much more prevalent, both on board and ashore


We are seeing a pronounced shift away from entry level yachts towards boats that offer a more stylish and comfortable place to spend time, with customers placing an increased importance on the quality of their yacht. It’s all about luxury, now.

Part of the reason for this has been huge growth in luxury yachting as a holiday option for non-traditional yachties, with skippered-and-crewed yachts allowing anyone to enjoy a holiday without having to be a qualified captain.

New Customers

The popularity of TV shows like Below Deck has introduced a large, young group to the joys of yacht charter. In the words of Ben Robinson, chef on the reality show, “It’s done wonders for the charter business because it has put it on people’s radars. It’s been this unveiling of the secret society on the water.”

The presence of a professional skipper and/or crew to look after you puts you at ease and lets you fully enjoy your time aboard.

We expect this trend to continue as customers search for memorable holiday experiences that are safe, fun, and always great value.

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