Ankor is like no other software in the yacht charter industry. It’s been designed by the industry, for the industry. In response to the manual processes and heavily siloed systems Charter Agents currently use to manage charters, we developed Ankor – a one-stop solution for running a modern charter business.

Ankor brings your entire charter business into one single cloud-based platform, meaning you can manage all your data centrally, view proposals and bookings in real time and keep all your data updated. In short, Ankor can save you considerable time and money.

Manage all charter operations on one platform
Easily organise and manage bookings
Create a better guest experience
Drive bookings
Ankor for Retail Agents
Ankor’s Booking Manager enables charter brokers to easily manage the booking process from first enquiry to booking confirmation. Differentiate your booking experience for guests, drive further bookings and increase revenue.


Manage charter bookings centrally and easily - all data and information regarding all aspects of the yacht charter update instantly across all aspects of individual charters.


Send elegant proposals in only a few key steps. Country and port lists are generated within seconds, taxes are brought together in a single view, edit proposals easily and send it to Central Agents instantly.


All boats and itineraries are located in a central, real time booking system. Proposals can be quickly created using pre-loaded itineraries that help attract potential customers and save plenty of time doing it.

Electronic contract

Issue your preferred charter contract electronically with the click of a button; contract addendums are easily incorporated into a single view that connects with and updates with the rest of the charter.

Paperless process

Because we’ve brought everything together onto one easy platform, Ankor also means you can drastically reduce paper usage and contribute to a cleaner, greener world.

What can Ankor do for your yacht charter business?
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Choose between our Free, Premium or Enterprise level platforms. There’s an Ankor for every stage and need of the yacht charter process.

Retail Agents
  • Bookings manager
  • Charter manager
  • Itinerary manager
Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! If your questions don’t appear below, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly assist in any way we can.

What is Charter Management software?

Charter Management streamlines all the tasks of managing charter bookings, bringing the everyday tools you need into one platform.

Do I need to download / install Ankor Software on my computer?

No, Ankor Software is fully cloud based, meaning you never need to install or update any software on your PC. Sign-in securely from anywhere and on any device. All you need is an internet connection.

How secure is my businesses information?

Ankor Software takes security and privacy extremely seriously, see our teams and privacy notice for more details. Our software is developed and hosted on Microsoft Azure meaning we benefit from the highest security standards on offer.

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Luxury yachts are changing the way we holiday
Luxury yachts are changing the way we holiday
All aboard a new era in yacht chartering
All aboard a new era in yacht chartering
Enjoy a one-stop solution for running a modern charter business